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On the nature of mythical beings

Title: On the nature of mythical beings
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating/Pairing: PG, gen (it sort of turned into John/Mary)
Summary: Even-more-preseries than the last one: is the tooth fairy any more mythical than angels? Written for spnflashfic's fight challenge.

"No," Mary said, without even hesitating. It wasn't the sort of no that she gave when she could be persuaded otherwise; it was the sort of no that meant she'd made up her mind and come hell or high water would stick to that decision.

John huffed out a tired sigh. "What's wrong with it? Dean just lost his first tooth. This is a big thing."

"Fine, so we celebrate." Mary looked up, her expression set stubbornly. "But he's not going to get any visits from the tooth fairy."

"Why not?"

"Because the tooth fairy doesn't exist." She glared at him, like that should have been obvious.

Then again, it probably should have -- she hadn't let Santa come for a visit at Christmas, either. ("The presents are from us, John. Saying they're from some strange guy who doesn't exist? What good does that do?" Never mind that there were some mysteries of childhood that were better left as mysteries. John loved her, but she certainly could be strange sometimes.)

John looked down at Dean's tiny tooth held in his hands, taking time to breathe in and out a few times before responding. Finally he said, quietly, "I promised him."

"Without telling me?"

"Yes, without telling you!" Mindful of Dean asleep in the other room, John dropped his voice again. "He was the one that came to me, all scared because his teeth were falling out. I needed to reassure him."

"So you had to lie to him, then?"

"Oh, don't *start*," John said, exasperated. "You're the one always telling him angels are watching over him. I mean, come on, *angels*?"

Mary's expression shifted from angry to annoyed to thoughtful. It was a little pathetic, John thought, that he could be so much in love with her that any expression of hers looked that beautiful.

"Just... let him have this one thing, okay? Hell, we can call it a tooth *angel* if you'd rather--"

Her mouth twitched, and then she was laughing. "Oh, John," she said, but didn't say anything further.

"-- and it's not going to kill him to believe in something that isn't real." Especially since he already does, he didn't add; Dean clung to Mary's angel stories like a safety blanket, sometimes.

"There are enough things in this world," Mary murmured. "We hardly need to tempt fate by making things up."

But in the end, even though she was frowning a little, she didn't stop John from going quietly into Dean's room and placing a half dollar under the pillow where their son had faithfully hidden his tooth.

"There *is* one difference, though," she said when he got back. "Between angels and tooth fairies, I mean."

"Yeah?" John eyed her with some skepticism, mediated by love. He came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed the back of her neck.

"Angels will save our son's life one day," she said, completely deadpan when she turned in his arms to face him. "The tooth fairy won't."

"Yeah, and you know this how?"

"An angel told me, in a dream," she said, still deadpan; and John found himself laughing, and her mouth twitched in response.

"You are one crazy woman," he said fondly, and kissed her.

"You're the one who believes in the tooth fairy," she retorted, smiling. "And you married me knowing full well what I was."

"Pfah, I know absolutely nothing about you," John said, solemnly; and when she threw her head back, laughing, he nuzzled at her throat. "But I do know that I love you. Even if you are crazy."

A shiver ran through her body, but she was still smiling, and there was love in her eyes when she looked at him. She kissed him, and whispered, "You know, it's not just Dean. Angels are watching over you too."

"'Course they are," he pointed out. "I've got *you*."

"Always," she murmured.


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